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Welcome to Yale Alumni United. We are a group of proud Yale alumni who have become concerned about the ongoing effots of GESO to unionize graduate students at Yale. This site is our way of making our voice heard against the short-sighted organizers who put unionization ahead of a cooperative relationship with the Yale administration.

It is our position that graduate students are just that: students. The educational relationship should not be burdened by union interference. Graduate students choose to come to Yale, knowing what bargain Yale is offering. That bargain includes a free world-class education, a $18,000+ annual stiped, free comprehensive healthcare, and more. If a prospective student doesn't like Yale's offer then they are free to attend graduate school somewhere else.

Learn about why unionization is bad for grad students, bad for undergraduates, bad for the community, and bad for Yale.

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The Facts that GESO Doesn't Want You to Know

The Ends May be Valid, but GESO is not the Way

The Dirty Means

Follow the Money Trail

The Dangerous Results

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Thursday Update: Jesse Jackson's mistress, Karin Stanford, was paid $35,000 from the slush fund of GESO parent union HERE-IU (now UNITE-HERE) for performing little to no work. Maybe that's why the Reverend is so eager to support UNITE-HERE.

Jesse Jackson called "a modern-day highway robber who uses cries of racism to steal from individuals, corporations, and government, to give to himself"

Jesse Jackson uses donations to his not-for-profit as his personal tax-free slush fund.

Jesse Jackson caught cheating on his taxes.

Jesse Jackson cries wolf yet again to stay in the spotlight.

Jesse Jackson wanted the government to intervene to put a feeding tube back into Terry Schiavo.

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Useful links:

GASO - Graduates Against Student Organization - Formed in response to the 2003 vote, seems to be inactive

Yale Office of Public Affairs - Tthe facts about grad student unionization


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NEW: What Others Have Said || NEW: What You Can Do

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